This Perth, Australia, appliance repair company can increase the life of many appliances, saving their owners money. It is usually less expensive to repair an appliance than to replace it. A dependable, honest appliance repair company such as Expert Repairs can tell customers whether it is more economically sound to repair or replace an appliance. A repair is often possible and will add months or years to the life of an appliance. Comparing the repair cost to the replacement cost of any appliance is advisable.

Repair vs Replacement

Appliance Repair Services ( in Australia have well-trained repair professionals and sales associates on the phone lines to help customers make the decision of replacement vs repair. How is this decision Made?

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How old is the appliance? If an appliance is older than five years, it may be near the end of its useful life. The key will be how well it has been functioning, and the proposed expense of the repair.
How energy efficient is the appliance? Older appliances may use more energy than is necessary. In this case, the energy savings realized by a new appliance may offset the price of the appliance.
Would a newer version of that appliance offer more useful features? Are these features worth the extra investment?
Can the appliance be fixed for a reasonable cost? Will the repairs extend the life of the appliance enough to warrant the cost?
Are the proper repair parts available?

Appliances To Be Repaired

By going online to , customers can easily find out if their broken appliance can be repaired by the repair service. Some of the washing machine repairs offered are for problems such as water leaking, spinning and draining cycles not working, loud noise during the spin cycle, jammed doors that won’t open or doors that won’t close tightly, and clothes not getting clean. Dryers may not get clothing dry, fail to spin, overheat, fail to heat up at all, controls fail to work so dryer will not start, and more. Each appliance has its own functions that can go wrong such as broken controls, not starting, failure to reach the proper temperature, electrical shocks, gas leaks, and more.

The appliances that people seek repairs for include washers and dryers, stoves, ovens, and cook-tops, dishwashers, commercial food preparation and cleaning equipment, and more. Gas heating and hot water systems are also repaired on request. For more information on appliance repairs, go to

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